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I am a self-taught, professional artist living in NYC. I do not use projectors, other artificial measuring tools. Instead, I use my eyes to balance the proportions. 


In the midst of a rather dark season in the summer of 2012, my sister encouraged me to sketch my feelings. So I purchased a sketch book and "latenightsketching." was born.  With over 500 pieces in the series, "latenightsketching" brought a tremendous amount of healing to several facets inside of me.

After about a year of sketching, I began to add the color red, and "Red." the series was born. Eventually, I also added the color gold, and the series "Gold." quickly became a fan favorite.

In 2014, my father unexpectedly passed away, which presented a new dark season to sort through. Living in Los Angeles at the time, I felt the urge to buy paints to help me work through the heavy feelings of grief I was experiencing. Not only did the paintings help me grapple with grief, the process of painting also brought healing. 


From that point forward, I began receiving vast visions. The visions were so frequent that I started painting them and they were larger than life! Some ranging 5-10 feet! Paintings covered every inch of my walls, literally hanging on my ceiling. 

In 2017, I discovered a way to merge my two loves - Performing and Art - by creating a series called  "Singing-and-Painting".  It consists of a split-screen video which displays me singing a currently compelling song on one side and a time-lapse video of me painting on the other side.  It has served as a thoroughly fulfilling outlet for my gifts to all feel exercised consistently.

To this day I continue to paint the visions I receive and use art as an outlet for my daily healing.  We all have gifts to discover waiting to breathe. If you haven't found yours yet, relentlessly search. If you have, run hard and fast with it. Create more than you Consume.

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