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We are thrilled to announce, The Artist: A Singing-and-Painting Experience by Bridget and Amanda Winder coming this Fall to The R. W. Norton Art Gallery.

The Artist is an interactive “singing-and-painting” experience that encompasses the journey of The Artist. Each painting, song, and process video depicts the internal highs and lows The Artist experiences as she vulnerably expresses and embraces the darkness within, in a quest to gain freedom, healing, and growth in her life.


Through her willingness and courage to embrace the fragility of the physical realm, she is able to conquer the warfare brewing inside of her. Which allows her to lean deeply into the strength, identity, and confidence of the spirit realm. That strength, identity, and confidence gives The Artist the ability to transcend into higher versions of herself. 

The exhibition will be on display 26 September - 24 November 2024 in Shreveport, Louisiana with the opening reception held on Thursday, 26 August from 5:00-7:00 PM.

Please, follow  along on social media for more updates!

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